Bitcoin To Hook $4k With Twitter Founder’s Bullish Signs on Bitcoin and Lightening Labs

It is likely that bulls are knocking at BTC’s new door, enabling to hook it up to $4000. As crypto enthusiasts often look at the way billionaires, like Jack Dorsey (Twitter), Elon Musk (Tesla), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and many other high profile figures from different industries look at the world’s largest cryptocurrency – this is because of history evident its quick impact on the graph of Coinmarketcap.

Jack Dorsey’s Bullish Signs on Bitcoin

Over the past few days, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey is on continuous talk – since he spoke about CashApp Support for Lightning Network, Showing Off his Casa Bitcoin node, reportedly buying $10,000 in Bitcoin every week to his latest sentiment of supporting Bitcoin and Lightening network. These bold statements could point out to the recent increasing graph of Bitcoin.

In the latest discussion on Twitter, Jack Dorsey responded to a comment that doubt his interest in Bitcoin is due to the reason he invested in Lightening Labs. As a response, Jack strongly claims – both. In his words;

To remind, Jack Dorsey in last year has invested millions in Lightning Labs, a Bay Area-based startup. Reportedly, the firm had raised $2.5 million in seed funding from Jack Dorsey, Square, and Twitter co-founder.

Furthermore, in a recent podcast, Jack explains his view on Bitcoin – how he get started with the world’s largest cryptocurrency. During the podcast, he says that he was much fascinated when he first read Bitcoin’s whitepaper. He told Marty Bent, the podcast host;

“Imagine being born this year, growing up only knowing that the potential for a global currency exists – that is exciting,”

Although it was just 30 minutes podcast interview with Marty Bent – he does speak potential talk on Bitcoin. He further revealed how he had spent $10, 000 on buying crypto on Cash App in recent weeks.

Bitcoin To Touch $4000

Well, Jack’s bullish sentiments continued with BTC gearing up to $4000 as on March 06, 2019. According to the data from Coinmarketcap, the present value of BTC counts $3902. Significantly, the average trading volume goes up to $68,582,764,414, growing at 3.15 percent during the past 24 hours.

So readers, what do you think about Jack’s strong believe in Bitcoin? Let us know your opinion.

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