CCN Down: Google Search Updates Rolled Out on a Large-Scale, Is Google Targeting Crypto Sites?

A recent Google search update has caused havoc in the online media circle. The June 2019 Update on Google is so drastic that some publications are inadvertently shutting down. Benjamin Prius, a contributor on Forbes, contacted the facility at Google on the matter and the response was rather gloomy.

In the response, the representative noted that,

“With any update, some sites might not perform as well as in the past, while other sites might perform better.”

The updates are released monthly or quarterly by the search engine Giant to improve standards of its Search Engine. While the update seems arbitrary, SEO experts are planning to adjust to the change. According to experts, it warrants improvisation in reporting, originality, and authenticity. The representative also shared links for Google’s webmaster guidelines page and its webmaster community forums.

The updates were rolled out on 3rd June 2019. Many websites in the health, finance, and lifestyle space have been adversely affected. Moreover, the changes, inclusions, and exclusion from Google’s list is a dynamic on-going process. The updates are expected to be completely optimized in a couple of weeks.

Impact of Google’s update on Cryptocurrency news platforms

The most adverse effect of the update was witnessed by CCN, which reported that it is shutting down because of a drop of 71% in traffic from Google with the visibility score reduced by half.

Among other cryptocurrency websites, while CCN and Cointelegraph are reporting a negative change, Coindesk and NewsBTC seem to experience an insignificant effect. Mike Dudas, the Founder, and CEO of The Block, another Crypto-Journal platform noted,

The Block’s traffic was up 70% MoM [month-on-month] in May vs April, and we continue to see record traffic despite the Google Core Update, which had a minor negative impact on our traffic. Fortunately, we are not SEO dependent and receive direct traffic and referral traffic from Twitter and crypto partners that have helped us continue to grow.

They have experienced only a slight impact from the update. At Coingape, the update has had detrimental effects as well. However, the team is focused on providing quality news to enhance user experience. Abhinav Agarwal, the COO at Coingape noted,

“Only 30-35% of our traffic was from Google which has been drastically affected. However, at CoinGape we see it as an opportunity to further improve our reporting standards and will continue working on it.”

Last but not least, there is no denying that Google has a large amount of control over the information that is being shared on the internet. Nevertheless, there are other sources like news aggregators, social media websites and online communities that are essential for the traffic on any website.

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