Dash Releases Software to Improve Decentralization

In a drive to implement complete decentralization in the Dash Autonomous Organization, Nathan Marley, Dash Core Deputy CTO has developed the software himself and published the details of the back end, front end and other features of the software.

Dash Autonomous Organization is the organization found in 2017 to oversee all the operations of the Dash Core Group (DCG). However, the Trust Protectors of the organization later were later mostly only the DCG members. Hence, rendering the exercise in vain.

The Dash Trust Protector election software has introduced a MasterNode (MN) collateral key for signing and verifying messages to provide voting access to each Master Node holder. Currently, the ‘budget system’ provides voting access only to ‘hosting providers or budget vote delegates.’

In an important note for the community he added:

Apparently there is some confusion in the Dash community about whether or not software located at https://github.com/dashevo is ours — it is. It’s actually pretty common for larger organizations to have multiple GitHub organizations, and there are some good reasons for this.

Dash Force Podcast

In the recent Dash Force Podcast, Nathan Marley and the Dash Team reaffirmed their zeal towards a developing an efficient decentralized organization. DevNet is a private test net for developers designed to be a test mode for developers to address “what would happen” issues, like extremely unbalanced voting on MasterNode.

He believes that the Dash Payment System is “Catching up on Bitcoin” and have have made considerable “strides” in developing Dash.

He also addressed a ‘Deterministic Master Node List’ mechanism to protect it from accidental and immoral Forking(or splitting).

DashPay , which was recently introduced by Dash is the spearhead project of the organization which is looking to improve the remittance and payment system for third world countries. Many early adopters of Bitcoin too have replaced Dash as a medium of exchange.

Dash offers a variety of applications apart from being a payment system like Bitcoin. However, the team sees it primarily as ‘Money for people who are free.’

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