Ripple is a Glorified Version of PayPal and XRP is not a Cryptocurrency: Leading Trade Analyst

The long-standing debate of XRP’s securitization continues to haunt the cryptocurrency traders. While Ripple and R3 are growing at an impressive rate establishing partnerships all around the world, the nature of XRP is still unclear as the regulators have primarily focused on Bitcoin for now.

Recently, a silver lining in the cloud was seen after Coinbase’s Addition of XRP. While the CEO of Binance exchange, Changpeng Zhao is almost certain that XRP is not a security, he too confirms that the effect of its securitization would be detrimental.

Nevertheless, XRP is ranked second according to the total market capitalization. The total number of HODLER’s of XRP is considerably more significant than any other cryptocurrency in the world. Hence, if XRP is defined as security almost $13 billion will be wiped out of the cryptocurrency markets instantly. Moreover, investors who have bought XRP during the bull phase of 2017 or early 2018 would incur even higher losses.

Leading Trade Analyst Breaks the Delusion

Peter Brandt, is a leading chart analyst and financial asset trader. According to the expert, Ripple is nothing but a “glorified version” of PayPay. He added that the zeal towards XRP would turn detrimental as the hopes of the XRP HOLDERs will be shattered.

Brandt has cautioned the traders of manipulation in the price of XRP. Moreover, this does not come as a surprise as nature, circulating supply and fiat volume of XRP has always been a topic of controversy and debate.

According to him, the bottom support to XRP is at $0.246 where the cryptocurrency began ascending in 2017 reaching an All-Time High of $3.40. A break below this level would devour investor confidence, and a comeback would be next to impossible. Currently, XRP is trading at $0.315 looking to break towards $0.33 level in the light of the current short term bullish sentiments of the market.

Moreover, XRP is undoubtedly the most popular altcoin with investors all around the world predominantly US, Japan, and Europe. Hence, if the bearish clouds re-appear and the apprehensions of the traders materialize, the cryptocurrency bear markets could sustain for another year.

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