Ripple XRP Price Prediction: Projected Analysis of 2019 & 2020

  • Ripple has the potential to hit $1.0 by the end of 2019 and increase towards its all-time high by the end of 2020.
  • Ripple’s XRP demand in the future will mainly come from banks as adoption increases.

Ripple has over a short time become a global sensation in international funds transfers. The San Francisco-based blockchain startup is now for developing cutting edge payment systems connecting banking institutions globally. Ripple already has more than 200 partners under its RippleNet network. In addition to that, Ripple launched xRapid payment system that helps banks have access to liquidity while making expansion to new markets much easier. This and much more will be covered in this article as we attempt to dissect Ripple’s past performance and predict the future of the project.


  1. Ripple Overview 2018
  2. Ripple XRP Price Prediction 2019 and 2020
  3. Experts’ prediction for Ripple’s XRP for 2019 and 2020
  4. Project Outlook
  5. Ripple XRP Technical Analysis
  6. Ripple XRP Future and Growth
  7. Buying XRP with Credit Cards
  8. Ripple XRP Price FAQs

Ripple Overview 2018

2018 was the year of innovation and expansion for Ripple. January started with the announcement that IDT corporation and MercuryFX were joining hands with both MoneyGram and Cuallix in piloting xRapid. Shortly after that, SBI Holdings; a Japan-based financial group said that its soon to launch cryptocurrency exchange will support XRP only at the time of launch. Lianlian International joined RippleNet in February to leverage xCurrent for cross-border transactions. In March, Ripple said that Japan Bank Consortium (JBC) was going to release a mobile application ‘MoneyTap’ supported by Ripple’s blockchain. April was the month where many other banks joined RippleNet including Standard Chartered buying a stake in Ripple.

The rest of the months until October were spent signing more banks to join RippleNet until the groundbreaking launch of xRapid in October. The platform launched with MercuryFX, Cuallix and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union is the very first clients. Another customer CIMB group joined on November 14.

In terms of XRP price performance, the digital asset opened the year (2018) trading around $2.24 and surged to its all-time high around $3.81 before being caught up in the bear pressure that lasted all year long. Ripple lost about 84% of its value in 2018 to close the year on December 31 at $0.36.

Ripple XRP Price Prediction for 2019 and 2020

Looking at Ripple’s daily chart, we see an asset that has stagnated since the beginning of 2019. In spite of the upward correction in the market, Ripple has not been able to recover from the fall that ensued following the rise during the Christmas of 2018. XRP/USD had touched $0.48 but failed to sustain further upwards movement leading to declines that entered into January 2019 but found support just above $0.2800. Generally, the crypto market has been on an upward momentum, however, Ripple has not managed to catapult itself above $0.4 instead, the price is staying in a wide range between $0.4 and $0.2800.

XRP has the potential to hit $1.0 by the end of 2019 and increase towards its all-time high by the end of 2020; a year that has been said by many to be a magical year for cryptocurrencies. Continued development for the financial sector coupled with increased institutional adoption is bound to positively impact XRP value in the long run.

Experts’ prediction for Ripple’s XRP for 2019 and 2020

  1. CoinSwitch

According to the prediction by CoinSwitch, Ripple’s blockchain banking systems like RippleNet and xRapid have experienced a lot of growth in 2019 compared to 2018. The systems are expected to expand to more regions by onboarding more banks and payment providers around the world. According to CoinSwitch:

“Ripple recently announced plans over convergence into one stack. It is expected for a series of events to get implemented in 2019 like institutional money flowing to XRP token, it’s continued and steady growth to reach its unique network effect. These all can undoubtedly make Ripple stand out in a crowd of digital currencies. If these advancements take place, then XRP might reach $1.20 by the end of 2019, to be conservative. At most, it might even reach $2.

  1. UsLifted

Price predictions apply most to the long-term investor who needs to have a clear forecast for the next year to five years. UsLifted expects Ripple go into a lot more ventures, as a result, XRP will gain in value.

“In short I expect the figures to get 2.5x of 2018. Meaning in 2019, XRP token will be $8.025 and the market capital will be at $31.08 billion US Dollars,” UsLifted analyst writes.

The Analyst continues with Ripple XRP price prediction for 2020:

“I expect 2020 a magical year where the crypto market will reach to its all-time high. You believe it or not but I strongly believe that by the end of 2020 XRP will reach to around $22.79 with the supply tokens 38,739,145,924. Hence Ripple will have a lifetime high market capital of $88.28 billion dollars.”

Most experts are bullish on XRP and all are banking on Ripple’s prospects and plans for the future as well as the adoption of its blockchain systems. Tremendous growth is expected in 2019 and 2020. Similarly, XRP predictions go as far as 5 years from now. GetEx reckons that:

“Some experts have pointed to a projected value of $4.52 in 2023. They suggest this growth based on recently-divulged partnership plans with a number of European and Latin American banks and payment systems. That integration would boost development of the underlying XRP and Ripple technology, (and naturally the price of the asset).”

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XRP Price Analysis – XRP/USD 4-hour chart

xrp price prediction: 4 hours chart (XRP/USD)
xrp price prediction: 4 hours chart (XRP/USD) Chart Source: Tradingview

Ripple XRP Technical Indicators

RSI 4-hour: -24.95

100 SMA 4-hour: $0.31196

200 SMA 4-hour: $0.3243

Key support levels: $0.2800, $0.2600 and $0.2000

Key resistance levels: $0.3200, $0.3500 and $0.4000.

Project Outlook

According to Ripple’s website, the native token XRP provides banks and other payment providers with a robust reliable on-demand means to access liquidity for the much needed cross-border money transfers. Ripple use cases range from offering banks with liquidity in real-time without fail as mentioned, as well as payment providers who desire to enter new markets while lowering foreign exchange while at the same time speeding up transactions.

In comparison to other cryptocurrency projects, Ripple settles transactions in just 4 seconds while Ethereum does that in over 2 minutes and Bitcoin takes more than 60 minutes. Traditional banking systems lag behind by a large margin, 3-5 days. On the other hand, Ripple transactions per second (TPS) stand at 1,500 but has the capacity to achieve levels of Visa.

Ripple XRP Technical Analysis

Technically, Ripple has a bearish bias in both the short-term and the long-term. The third largest crypto asset has been trimming gains from the highs formed in April. In fact, the declines are maintaining a downtrend within a descending channel. The declines towards the end of April tested the levels below $0.2800 support before revamping the trend upwards within a narrow ascending channel. There was a slight break above the 100 SMA but the momentum lost steam at the 50 SMA. The resistance at this level has opened a Pandora box and XRP/USD is currently bleeding below $0.3000 short-term support.

XRP Price Prediction
Source: Shutterstock

As far as other technical indicators are concerned XRP/USD is primed for losses in the near-term. However, a recovery past $0.33 and $0.35 levels is needed for a correction towards $0.4 and $0.5 critical levels. The RSI 4-hour is deep in the oversold to show the increasing strength of the bearish momentum. Any correction below $0.2800 could be the beginning of a devastating drop towards $0.26 support and $0.2.

Ripple Future and Growth

Ripple is often regarded as the future of cryptocurrencies in terms of technology infrastructure as well as mainstream adoption. Armed with its flagship products: RippleNet and xRapid the network is set to be the bridge between cryptocurrencies and the traditional banking system. More importantly, Ripple believes that it will soon overtake SWIFT to become the preferred cross-border money transfer platform. SWIFT has its own share of struggles that are dealing with including long processing time and unreliability.

On the other hand, Ripple as mentioned above already has signed partnerships with more than 200 banking institutions. Besides, this number is expected to grow with the current expansion to the Middle East and the Asian regions. Ripple’s XRP demand in the future will mainly come from banks as adoption increases supported by the need to send money across the border faster, reliably and a low cost.

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Buying XRP with Credit/Debit Card

Access to cryptocurrencies has improved significantly in the past few years. Initially, users were required to buy either Bitcoin or Ethereum before exchanging the coins for XRP on an exchange platform. While the situation has improved greatly, most users still find it difficult to buy XRP directly using credit/debit cards because only limited platforms permit this type of direct purchase

  • Changelly

Changelly is an incredible crypto exchange website that has been developed to serve the digital asset class. The platform incepted in 2013 now supports the purchase of XRP using either credit or debit cards. It is one of the most secure websites to buy XRP and other supported cryptocurrencies while the process is not complicated.

  • Coinmama

This is another secure website you can safely buy XRP using the credit card. Coinmama also supports other payment methods including SWIFT and SEPA. The platform allows the purchase of XRP using both USD and EUR. It is currently available in 198 countries and is proud of its 24/7 customer service support. Once the account has been created and verified, a user is allowed to place the order for XRP.

  • Bitit

This website offers one the fastest ways to buy XRP using a credit card. Supported currencies include USD, EUR, GBP and other local currencies. The process is simple as creating a user account, getting verified and lastly placing the order.

Currently, there are hundreds of websites and exchanges that allow the purchase if XRP using credit and debit cards. The above are just but a few of them. It is important to research and chose a platform that works best for your preferences.

Ripple XRP Price FAQs

What is the current price of Ripple (XRP)?

XRP is currently trading at $0.2982 on Binance.

What is going to be Ripple (XRP) price tomorrow?

As far as technical levels concerned, Ripple will trade between $0.2900 and $0.3200.

Is Ripple a great asset for investment?

If the above predictions are anything to go by, Ripple indeed is a good asset to invest in especially for the long-term holder.

What will be the value of Ripple (XRP) in the next five years?

Ripple is predicted to trade at $4.52 in the next five years.

Is Ripple inclined to fall or rise in the next five years?

Ripple is the future of cryptocurrencies and the banking sector. Therefore, it has immense potential. Adoption and will result in an increase in value and the demand of XRP.

What will be XRP price in $2020?

Ripple will exchange hands around $3.53 by end of 2020.

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