Sentimental Analysis for Cryptocurrencies- November 25

Cryptocurrencies are in a very difficult territory where no fundamental or technical indicators is actually affecting the price than the sentiment of the community. Every news article or a social mention is actually driving the trend and direction of where the prices are heading to. Although most of the sentiment is derived from the sentiment of the Bitcoin- the largest cryptocurrency, still some altcoins have their specific pros and cons that change their variance from that of Bitcoin. Let’s look at the few indicators that are used widely across to determine the sentiment.

Bitcoin Sentimental Analysis

As mentioned it’s the largest coin in the market that decides most of the trend for the crypto markets is necessary to understand that sentiment it garners among the community. A lot of news flow and sell off has dampened the short term sentiment but yes there are some long-term positives which make Bitcoin an interesting study. An analysis of its social mention and greed and fear index would give us a clear idea of what is happening

Analysis Type Tool Analysis- Score Sentiment
#BTC – Hashtag Analysis Keyhole Score: 64

Positives: 23.3%

Negative: 12.7%

Neutral- 64.0%

Neutral moving to Negative- Negatives double, Positives dip
#BTC- Social Media Mentions Social Mention Sentiment 3:1 in favor of positives

With 192 scores towards neutral and 3 in favor of Positives

Neutrality raising , Positives Dipping
Fear to Greed Index Score 9–Extreme Fear Negative
Fear to Greed Index CNN Money Score 9 -Extreme Fear Negative


Extreme Fears on both Fear and Green Index cclearly showing that people are exiting the markets. The same is seen on Social Media as people have been negative towards the front liner. The sentiment seems gloomy and it looks like the bottom is still a bit far away for now.

Altcoin Sentimental Analysis

Fear and Greed index is only available for BTC as not may altcoins have all components required to calculate it

Altcoin Keyhole #  analysis Social Mention Sentiment
ETH- Ethereum Score – 82

27.3% Positive

5.7% Negative

67%- Neutral

5:1 towards Positives

Neutral 77

Neutral moving to Negative- Sharp falls in Positive
XRP- Ripple Score 84

31.8% Positive

5.6% Negative

62.6% neutral

4:0 towards Positives

Neutral 21

Neutral to Positive, Neutrality rising
BCH- Bitcoin Cash Score 72

30.3 % Positive

11.6% Negative

58.2% Neutral

3:1 towards positives

Neutral 116

Neutral to Positive- Positives sneaking up
EOS Score 84

32.1% Positive

6.0% Negative

61.9%- Neutral

4:1 towards positives

Neutral 16

Neutral to Positive-

Postives rising

XLM-Stellar Score 92

44.1% Positive

3.8% Negative

52.2% Neutral

2:1 towards positives

Neutral 62

Neutral to Positive, Positive rising


As the BCH hash war ends, positivity seems to be returning back to the coin. The same has been the case with EOS and XLM which has remained silent as the prices have spiraled down. XRP seems to be entering a neutral zone while ETH is clearly losing some positivity as its looms near USD 100 support levels.

Will this sentiment actually pull back the prices? Do let us know your views on the same.


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