Starbucks to Finally Accept Cryptocurrency Payments Through QTUM

Zuex App, which is the world’s first FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) authorized mobile payment applications will add Qtum to its list of payment solutions. The Mobile Application provides payments, banking and investing solution on one single platform. Currently, all payment services in the UK have to obtain an FCA authorization; the Authority works independently of the UK Government.

Qtum is decentralized Blockchain-based Dapps platform that is capable of running smart contracts. The London based firm has announced that it will add QTUM ‘tokens’ to its payment platform. Zeux Application fosters the growth of crypto-payments by providing interoperability. Hence QTUM holders would no longer have to wait for a merchant to start accepting the particular tokens.

The CIO of Qtum foundation commented that:

“We’re excited that Zeux has added QTUM to its app. This adds a tremendous amount of additional utility for our valued community who can now use QTUM for all point-of-sale payments with merchants that accept Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.”

Apple and Samsung pay is currently accepted at thousands of popular retail stores that includes 7-Eleven, Nike, Macy’s and even Starbucks.

Use PoS Terminals with Apple or Samsung Pay to Make Crypto-Payments

Qtum is an ideal fit for the payment application as it is based on zero-charges.  The Mobile Application does not charge its end customers with no account opening fees, money transaction cost or top-ups. Hence, the Qtum cryptocurrency which is based on PoS (Proof of State) will only streamline their operations with their vision.

The Mobile Application is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. The firm announced that it would release a new ‘multi-function’ application in April where it will become available in Europe.

Zhou, Founder, and CEO of Zeux App said:

“We’re excited to add QTUM to our list of cryptocurrency chains. We believe Qtum is leading the way in mass adoption of smart contracts by providing simplicity, security and flexibility. Zeux will now provide Qtum holders extra utility by providing them a way to pay at any point-of-sale terminal with Apple Pay or Samsung Pay’’.

Many Payment Solutions built on top of cryptocurrencies are springing up. What’s your favorite Crypto-Payment App?

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