Tron Dapp Developers To Have An Improved Experience with 3.5 Version Hardfork Upgrade : Tron Japan

Tron continues to progress on its goal to providing the best ecosystem for Dapp developers. In a recent video update released by Tron Japan has spilled beans about Tron’s 3.5 version hardfork upgrade and how it has and continue to improve the Dapp developers experience on Tron’s ecosystem.

Tron moving quick to defeat EOS and Ethereum to become Dapp King

It was a great day for Justin Sun as he become the first in blockchain to get over one million followers on Twitter. As of today there is no one on the social media site more popular than the charismatic leader of Tron.

All this has been possible as Justin envisions things ahead of time and brings his vision into development making Tron an enviable project. The same seems to come true with TRON’s 3.5 version hard fork upgrade. The episode 10 of video update released by Tron Japan, just spoke about a few features of how power the upgrade is.

The video speaks about this new upgrade which went live on Feb 28th and contains all information regarding the improvements that have been observed by the blockchain technology following the public chain upgrade. The video blog in particular highlights 6 new features that are integrated in the new update which include.

  1. A better experience with superior performance and flexible event servers for the Dapp developers of Tron
  2. A better main and backup feature that will increase the stability of the entire Tron network .
  3. There have been mentions of improved security which would also help in improving safety of partial instruction of the TVM.
  4. The upgrade also features additional optimization of duplicate removal-logic for transactions which is believed to improve the overall performance by 5% and will also better the competence of block broadcasting, and 50% reduction of resources usage
  5. The upgrade also allows a real-time modification of energy upper limit based on the current status of the network with its Energy ceiling dynamic adjustment feature
  6. There has been addition to Account access system and multi-signature which will permit users in setting access and corresponding account management with different signature for various accounts and multi party signature for single transaction.

While these are just the highlights the episode is fully loaded with more comprehensive information about why the hard fork upgrade is necessary and how it will make Tron a better blockchain ecosystem.

The video clearly portrays why Tron and its blockchain are considered superior than its competitors and how Justin Sun has been making Tron a top blockchain.

Will the 3.5 version upgrade take Tron price skyrocketing and help Tron claim the top 3 spots in near future? Do let us know your views on the same


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