Tron Dapp Users Spend 8 Times More Than Ethereum Dapp Users

Is Ethereum Dapp ecosystem heading to a dead end? Well if the user spending data is looked at, Tron with its Dapp ecosystem has been able to generate more spends by users, almost 8 times higher that Ethereum’s over past 24 hours.

Tron and EOS Dapps scoring higher than Ethereum on user spends

According to the recent data published by Dapp review, Tron has been a clear leader in terms of getting higher user spends. Not just Tron, even EOS has been in a better position in getting more user spends over the past 24 hours that Ethereum. It’s not just the spends, even number of users spending on Ethereum Dapps are much lower than those using Tron and EOS Dapps.

According to Dapp Review, Ethereum only has been able to get 13.4K users spent more than $3 million (23K ETH) on ETH DApps in the last 24H compared to 59K users spent more than $24.3 million (1 billion TRX) on TRON DApps and 96K users spent more than $13.2 million (3.9 million EOS) on EOS DApps.

The Top 3 Tron Dapps has been

  1. Epic dragons which saw 10105 users spend USD 12845
  2. Live crazy dogs which saw 6572 users spend USD 20367
  3. Fishing Master which saw 2455 users spend USD 21971

The Top 3 EOS Dapps performers were

  1. EOS Knights which saw 6556 users spend USD 2591
  2. Token Planet which saw 2877 spend zero
  3. Tied Tighter saw 992 users spend USD 47

The Top 3 Ethereum Dapps performers were

  1. MyCryptoHeros saw 1638 users spend USD 78
  2. Mix Hyper Dragons saw 447 users spend USD 2587
  3. 0xUniverse saw 368 users spend USD 994

One thing worth noting here is that Tron has been able to garner this performance even after being the newest kid on the block. Ethereum which currently has 1409 has not been able to garner more people while  EOS with 336 Dapp and Tron with 167 Dapp has been performing really well.

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Ethereum has struggled with scalability and has been facing congestion that has forced a lot of Dapp’s to move out of Ethereum and select either Tron or EOS which provided a faster platform. While the recent upgrade on Ethereum has eased some problems, pulling back interest for these Dapp developers back to Ethereum will be a difficult task.

Will Ethereum be able to bounce back or will Tron and EOS pace ahead in the race? DO let us know your views on the same.

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