Tron is Developing an Instant Social Tool That Will Combine With BitTorrent [BTT]: Justin Sun

Justin Sun is known as a crypto prodigy because of his understanding of the crypto environment and the products and tools users would need. While taking questions in Qian’an Telegram Community he made a similar announcement. While answering, Justin mentioned that TRON is developing a social media tool that combines BTT.

New tool to help content creators to connect with fans

Justin Sun recently participated in the Qian’an Telegram community interactive question and answer activity and answered the few questions raised by community users around BitTorrent and BTT. Amidst this Q&A session, Justin revealed that Wavefield Tron- The blockchain-based open source decentralized content entertainment protocol- is developing a social media tool that combines BTT. With this tool, content producers can not only earn content by distributing content themselves but also connect fans or followers for greater profitability. surpassed Ethereum in terms of DApp trading volume, user activity, and other indicators, and at the same time formed a catch-up trend for EOS

Over the past year, Wavefield has seen some tremendous growth and this tool is expected to help the growth rate to accelerate. It has been an outperformer and has grown into one of the “three major public chains” of Ethereum and EOS.

Speaking on the markets, Sun mentioned that

“the return of the bull market depends on whether the cryptocurrency can be used on a large scale and when it can be applied on a large scale.”

This statement clearly shows Justin’s bullishness on his Wavefield platform. Speaking about the importance of BTT, Justin Sun mentioned

“ First of all, BTT is not a one-time project. BitTorrent has a massive user base with nearly 100 million active users worldwide. In the 16 years from 2003 to the present, this number has not changed much, and it has not declined. As a P2P download software that dominates the market, it has proven to be more trustworthy than BTC. BTC was born 10 years ago, but BitTorrent has a history of 16 years. Under the influence of many reasons, BTT is widely favored by the industry, we don’t even need to go to the hype. Because of this, I am not worried about its popularity.”

While being bullish on BitTorrent, Justin mentioned that BitTorrent will never launch its own main network because he felt that it Torrent’s most prominent asset is its P2P network, and the advantage of the wave field is the blockchain technology. The two should learn from each other. But Sun did mention that TRON may consider the integration of the wave field network and the BitTorrent network

While Tron and Justin look confident of what they are doing, BitTorrent in itself looks a key driver that could take Tron coin to newer heights. The coin is getting fundamentally stronger and will definitely see a rise in times to come

Will Tron break into the Top 5 coins this year? Do let us know your views on the same.

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