Tron is Getting Stronger as it Closes on USD 2 Million Transactions Per Day

Tron, as a project, is taking giant strides every day as it inches closer to Ethereum challenging its position and supremacy in the cryptoshpere.  In a recent tweet, Justin Sun, the founder of the project, announced that Tron has broken another record as it inched towards 2 million transactions per day.

Justin’s Tron just getting better as it prepares to take over Ethereum

According to the latest Tweet put forward by Justin Sun, Tron scaled a new record-breaking height as it recorded 1,841,055 transactions per day inching, closer to USD 2 million transactions a day. According to Sun’s tweet, it’s only a matter of time Tron will scale the USD 2million transactions per day creating a new milestone for itself.

According to the picture that forms part of the tweet, Tron currently has 1911 online nodes and has reached a block height of 1424121. It also shows that the MainNet has been able to achieve a Maximum of 748 transactions per second which incredible for a relatively nascent ManiNet. At this speed, in no time Tron would take over Ethereum

And it’s not just the Tron MainNet that growing in performance, its Dapp’s are also changing the game for Tron to take over Ethereum

In October, Tron’s dApp, TRONbet made more than half a million individual transactions which were far greater than Ethereum’s daily transaction volume. This suggests that the TRON dApps perform better than Ethereum dApp IDEX.

The daily active users on TRONbet are around 1,923 when Ethereum IDEZ has just under 950. Even though TRON has less decentralized apps, the increase in the number of transaction makes it outperform Ethereum.

In September, Justin Sun had taken a dig at Ethereum misery as it had asked Dapps to use Tron over Ethereum as it was 100 times faster than Ethereum and was fully compatible with Ethereum.

This was in reply to Afri Schoedon, a developer based in Berlin, Germany who claims himself to be a blockchain minimalist tweeted asking D App developers to stop using Ethereum to deploy their D-apps as it is running out of capacity.

Well Tron looks rock solid in front of Ethereum misery and it looks like Justin Sun will have the last laugh in ann epic contest between Sun’s Tron and Buterin’ Ethereum

Who will be the ultimate winner of this fight: will it be the patient but deadly Justin Sun or will it be the beyond aggressive Vitalik Buterin? Do let us know your views on the same.

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