Tron [TRX] Shows How It Is Better Than EOS and ETH: Tron Weekly Report

Tron has been the latest entrant in the Dapp race which was founded ruled by Ethereum. But Tron’s technological superiority and Justin Sun’s vision has already made Tron an enviable Dapp ecosystem. In the latest Dapp report released by Tron Foundation, the project brags about how it is much better than EOS and Ethereum in every aspect.

Is Tron really so superior to Ethereum and EOS?

According to the latest weekly Dapp report released by Tron, the project has put forward some points which place Tron above EOS and Ethereum in the race of Dapp Ecosystem supremacy. With respect to various data available from various sources, Tron has been continuously overtaking EOS and Ethereum in Dapp trading volume taking it to top of the charts for trading volumes among all public blockchains.

And it’s not just trading volume, the report mentions a variety of criteria’s which clearly states Tron is much better than its competitors. Firstly in terms of quantitative data,

  • TRON’s account number registers 2.17 million which is 3 times that of EOS
  • The DAU of Tron’s DApps remains at 60,000 which is 5 times that of ETH
  • In mid-March, the daily transactions volume of TRON’s DApps exceeded $100 million, twice the sum of ETH and EOS on the same day

While these were numbers speak about the superiority  of Tron quantitatively, the reports also list some qualitative factors that make Tron a better candidate- quoted from the report

  • TRON has a lower entry bar for users compared with EOS. Whether it is the registration process or the extension wallet experience, TRON made them more user-friendly.
  • Both development cost and a user fee on TRON are low. The development cost is needless to say also significantly low. Developers need to freeze tokens to get the resources needed for app development, and the cost on TRON is much lower than that on EOS. In the meantime, TRON offers free bandwidth and energy to users, and the resources are renewed each day. Comparatively speaking, TRON’s user fee is significantly lower as well.
  • TRON provides developers with technical support. financial support. community promotion, etc. All of these supports are more comprehensive than those of EOS.

Justin Sun has shared this report using his Twitter handle as well as speaking about how his project is much better than its competitors

While Tron has been continuously publishing superior data sets of about the project like this report, many people have questioned that Justin Sun Selectively Uses dApp Volume Data for TRON Propaganda. It has been noted by many that Tron and team have been selectively picking data points that make Tron look a better project that Ethereum and EOS. It has also been noted that Justin and his team pick only those data were Tron looks at a relative advantage and completely ignores points where the project is lagging

While Tron looks competitively stronger over its competitors one will have to really keep a close view on Tron’s publishing style to realize which dat is a complete comparable and which one is not.

Will Tron replace Ethereum and EOS in the Dapp ecosystem race? Do let us know your views on the same.

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